SchemeSum features

SchemeSum™ app is a one of a kind app that has been developed with the initial purpose of providing members around the country with the convenience of managing their groups using their smartphones.


Let's face it - members will always wait for a meeting to find out about their financial status or some members will miss meetings due to unforseen circumstances. This is why SchemeSum app is here - to provide you with access to the affairs of your stokvel, society and what is happening in your community wherever you are.

SchemeSum™ is the Solution

Get started with accessing, managing and storing your group data for every member:

  • Create a group of your choice (savings or grocery stokvel, society, community group etc.)
  • Have group chats with your fellow group members.
  • View and request documents of the financial status of your group.
  • Vote on group affairs created by your administrator.
  • View the summary status of the current economy.
  • Invite other people to be a part of your group.
  • Decide who should be included or removed from your group - (private groups have control on who becomes a member by having the function of approving or declining a request to join the group).

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SchemeSum screenshots

Take a sneak peak of what we have in-store for you, get a look and feel of our app.

Group Types


  • Chat
  • Charged per year
  • Manage members
  • Voting
  • Up to 100 Members
  • Record finances

Community groups

General, home cell, AA etc
  • Chat
  • Free
  • Manage members
  • Voting
  • Up to 200 Members
  • Control group scope


SchemeSum™ originated amongst friends, the idea sprung up when the things we did in our daily lives made us recognise the opportunity to offer the service to benefit everybody involved. Our vision is much greater than where we are now and involves a lot of stakeholders. Essentially the idea and mandate of SchemeSum™ is to provide more accessibility, convenience and financial benefits to the public. The idea of our vision will slowly manifest and be revealed as time progresses - we stand committed and focused to better the lives of the man on the street.

The goal is to build a platform that evolves to bring our members services that were out of reach, and access to information - anytime, without leaving their home. One of our focus areas is to take a hold of, control, grow and benefit in the hidden economy and slowly own part of the formal economy. We are 100% black owned, using our skills and experience to build a company that will put consumers and every stakeholder in the economy first without exploiting or taking advantage of the least privileged.

We are on a journey involving our members and stakeholders. When people work as a collective, good things are bound to happen. Nothing is lacking in this world, if there is, it is as a result of miscommunication and mismanagement - our mandate is to build the missing blocks and bridge the gap.